Game Day Collection

​​JKL Couture.

Eye-Catching. Unique. Chic.

Leather & Pearl Collection
                 Necklace $60 / Bracelet $40

...and for the Cowboys fans

Geaux TIGERS!!!



Double Coin Collection

Simple Tassel Necklaces

      Fresh Water Pearls
​     (Individually Knotted)
              Necklace $150 / Bracelet $50-$65 / Earrings 

***Custom work- Repurposing Pearls $40/hr + supplies (avg. 2hrs)***

Pendant Necklace Collection

Original Coin Collection 
      1 for $45 / 2 or more $40 each

Here are some samples of the collections available...Please contact me for your own custom design/color scheme or check out available pieces on JKL Couture's Facebook page or Online Store!

​Coin & Tassel Necklace


Tassel & Pearl Necklace

     Tassel Collection

Pendant Bracelet Collection